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Increase your quality of life and achieve the long-awaited financial freedom with
Are you tired of exchanging hours for money, with no time for your family and without the fulfillment you deserve? I can help!
Imagine having your own business, working from anywhere, and building a lasting residual income - all starting with an investment of just ₹14,845.00

With doTERRA, the world's largest essential oils company, you can transform your life and the lives of thousands of families through natural solutions.

You don't need to know anything about essential oils or the business model - just a desire to improve your physical, mental, and financial health. If you're ready to change your life, fill out the form and learn more!

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Who am I?

Maria Claudia Luna

Maria Claudia Luna is a Brazilian entrepreneur and wellness consultant for doTERRA. With a background in architecture, a master's degree in interior design, coaching, and holistic therapy, she discovered doTERRA essential oils and fell in love with the health results her family achieved in the first month of use. Now, she dedicates herself exclusively to her business, and her mission is to share essential oils with as many people as possible, teaching them how to use them and forming consultants who can do the same, generating incredible results to achieve time, geographic, and financial freedom and earn residual income.


What are the benefits of essential oils?


100% Natural

All oils are extracted from nature, 100% natural, safe and efficient.


Used since antiquity

In antiquity, oils were already used frequently by various peoples.


Sleep better

No more insomnia, sleep better and end sleepless nights


Regulates the emotions

Regulates mood, reduces irritability and much more.


Improves breathing

Improves breathing, reduces allergic effects and breathing problems.



Energy and focus for your day to day.

doTERRA Wellness Consultant

With doTERRA, it's easy to access the benefits of 100% natural and certified pure essential oils. Extracted from plants, these oils are safe and effective for daily use and can help improve a variety of conditions, from respiratory and inflammatory processes to anxiety, insomnia, and stress. With properties that balance our physical and emotional health effectively, becoming a doTERRA consultant can be the key to improving your quality of life and others.

Working From Home
Join a constantly growing market. In 2022, the global network marketing generated 200 billion dollars (1 trillion reais!), and Brazil already ranks 7th, with R$35 billion in annual sales. doTERRA is growing in Brazil and opens its first factory outside the US in Joinville in 2023 and opens up new markets in India, Chile and other countries across the globe.

Why be part of this market?


Low risk

Low cost to start your business.

Work independently

Have the flexibility to work when you prefer, set your own goals and from wherever you want.

Training and mentoring

You will receive training and mentoring to learn how to develop the business.


Get paid according to your performance

The better your dedication and work, the better you will be rewarded.

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Black Diamond
See why doTERRA is already the world's largest Essential Oil company!

Are you tired of not having time to pursue your dreams and not feeling purpose or fulfillment in life? doTERRA can help you build a lasting residual income, creating freedom of time, geography, and finances. Even if you have no knowledge of the market or essential oils, our mentoring and training will enable you to develop your own business. Don't wait any longer to achieve your financial freedom! Success is simple!

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